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Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World Series #2)

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World Series #2) - Okay, so this book surprised me and I didn't see it coming.Firstly because ever since I heard that Mencheres was getting a book, I was never overly interested in his story. I mean, I liked his character, sure, but a whole book about him? Meh. And then I read the first Night Huntress World novel, (Spade's story) and was more than a little put off. Very generic pnr, the hero was boring and unoriginal, whilst the heroine was truly bang-your-head-against-the-wall annoying.Anyway, I started reading EKoD with a great deal of skepticism. I should also say that I don't read much paranormal romance, but I prefered Frost's books because I'm already familiar with her characters so some of their growth and analysis have already been accomplished in the previous books. It's easier to relate, easier to understand.Mencheres is propably my favorite character now, (after Vlad of course). In the Cat and Bones books, he was a cool and somewhat detached character, and seemed pretty stereotypical. A father figure to the hero, very utilitarian , often a way to progress the story and divulge worldbuilding information. Astonishingly, EKoD's Mencheres is a strong,self-deprecating, funny, earthily sexy man, whose way of thinking and actions come across as both legitimate and sincere. His exchanges with Kira were intermittently funny, hot and sweet.In many pnr books(both adult and ya) what bothers me is exactly this: how the old,savvy and jaded immortal protagonist is magically swept off his feet by the mortal he loves(see:lusts for)and everything about his character and way of life changes. We are practically slapped with a makeover and a HEA with no further development. But here the progress is slow(er) and believable, and there is no drastic character rewrite or sugarcoating. Mencheres retains his good and bad attributes and so does the heroine. The couple's HEA is not their sins atoned, but the fact that they simply come together. I also appreciated the fact that Frost decided to build their relationship not on lust-on-sight but on a sense of deeper connection. I'm propably not conveying this well, but their progress felt more humane, realistic, satisfying than others. They are similar, kindred souls, and they, quite simply, recognize it.As for the heroine, Kira, I loved her. She was smart, spunky and brave, loving and generous. The absolute opposite of TSTL. Her sincerity about her feelings, and aknowledgement of her faults is remarkable. (Denise, eat your heart out). Her objections and reactions were realistic and never overexaggerating. What won me over was the fact that she didn't beat around the bush about her nature,her feelings. Attagirl.There is an appearence from Vlad!! Damn, I love his portrayal, a mixture of brutal honesty, sarcastic humor and heartbreaking insights into his soul. Frost is planning a new series about him, not just a NHW book. That said, EKoD could have used a few more pages and the protagonists did come together a little too fast for my liking. But as I said, I at least, was, in the end, satisfied about their development. It was honest.Liked this one a great deal, as you can tell by my wildly incoherent rant that's supposed to pass as a review, but oh well. ;)*3,5 stars.P.S.:Kinky ceiling sex. If that's not going to persuade you, I don't know what is.