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The Lover (Zebra Historical Romance)

The Lover - Robin Schone This story was well written, complex, but fucked up. I feel like it deserves more stars, but it was not something I enjoyed, ultimately. I did appreciate the depth and thoughtful subtlety that went into Michael's portrayal and also the complicated psychology of the motives behind each character.If you put the reader through an emotional rollercoaster such as this, make the ending more cathartic. I am not saying slap a HEA like a band-aid, but some extra chapters, where we could explore the new situation the protagonists end up with, would be welcome. For example, in the end I wasn't quite reassured about Anne's feelings. I needed to be sure they would, if not now,eventually have a happy ending. Eh, I should just stick to Julia Quinn-type books. The darkest I can take is Elizabeth Hoyt.