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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I honestly loved this book. It was hard not too. Kagawa created an enchanting blend of classical fairy tale and modern-day adventure(much like the aforementioned villain, the "Iron King", creating a neat parallel). Though it isn't a particularly funny book per se, I personally appreciated the quiet sarcasm and quirky wit thrown in at random times. That is,the universe was darker than I'd thought when reading the blurb, but frankly, it was a nice change. The author does not only show great attention to the worldbuilding, which is a peculiar mix of mythology, traditional fairy tale,steampunk and urban fantasy, but takes care in creating rich, strangely realistic heroes (this is,after all,a fairy story),complete with backround stories and mannerisms (Grimalkin!)As for the romance, there is a very well-handled love-triangle, one of the few that I approve of, and very subtle. The main love interest is Ash, a winter prince, that breaks the norm of brooding hot guy into being an actual, whole person,with baggage, vulnerabilities, and a personality of his own,not confined by the protagonist's perception.(Also, great kiss scene)This will definitely stay with me.What a very strange and beautiful book.P.S.Re-reading it (yes,I liked it that much) and now I think I have a little crush on Puck as well. And I predict it will only get more so in the next one.Gaaah, this is worse than the Cassie Palmer series!!