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The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday Loved it.Brilliantly depressing and beautiful at the same time. What struck me the most is how the author captures so accurately and poignantly depression and heartache,without resulting in overly melodramatic or angsty scenes.The plot,the atmosphere and the settings were imaginatively thought-out,but I found the character of Abbey the most of intriguing of all.She is a normal,realistically and fully fleshed-out person, emotionally as well as behaviorally.Abbey feels like a real person,which in itself is rarer an achievement than people think. Initially I had qualms about Abbey's enthusiastic fascination with Caspian, which,I think,clashes with her grief over her friend's death.It's like they are two different people,one an ordinary,slightly self-conscious girl in the beginnings of a crush, and the other a lonely,heavily depressed girl mourning a loss of a vital person in her life.But this quickly,and -thankfully- very early in the story, smoothes itself out.Also, I would have liked a little more in-depth analysis of Caspian.We are given merely hints of his character,but never a true feel about him.However,this is definitely the start of a series(trilogy),and must be viewed as such -plots are picked up and then forgotten, questions are left unexplained etc.A most promising debut.