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Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning I don't get it. Why does it always seem so essential that strong,independent heroines must be treated to a life-altering,almost always traumatic experience in order to come into full bloom? Is it not possible that strength of character is naturally-occuring,not forced out by necessity? Must it always come down to something? It is something I have encountered in one too many books lately.That's what really bothered me in Dreamfever.I absolutely love the Fever series and had grown extremely fond of Mac and her gradual coming of age,of strenghts.A painful,humiliating incident takes that slow and realistic development and turns into a full 180-degree turn.It's cliched.It's redundant.I am not okay with sexual abuse in books, but that is a personal preference and I don't consider it a minus of the novel. What I am not okay with is when it is used so readily as a plot and character device. Mac not only loses her mind,she suffers a complete and utter tranformation. She is now a "badass", a sarcastic, leather-clad, cynical chick.I do not understand why such a change would need to occur in the first place,but even so, the manner of it was downright insulting to me.That said, have another confession.I really hate Jericho Barrons.::ducks for cover:: I know,I know,I'm probably the only one but I cant' help it.The guy just pisses me off.I swear a part of me kept screaming "Just pound his dark-eyed,high-cheekboned,fully-lipped face in!*Not* a time to be an adult!" Yes, throughout the series we are treated into tantalising little insights to his character and his true feelings,and I have to admit that Jericho is indeed a most intriguing and thorough creation.But I absolutely don't consider him a good romantic interest. He is harsh, cruel and outright abusive to Mac. The mocking comments about Mac's gang rape and her subsequent loss of self? I was horrified. Horrified. I get where he's coming from,but that is no excuse.I used to love these books, I really did,and perhaps that's why this installment disappointed me so much. Then again, it's just my opinion. :)