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Secret Lives (Darke Academy) - Gabriella Poole 2.5 stars.This was an entertaining read. I really liked the smart, spunky heroine, who was portrayed very vividly and provided a touch of sarcasm very much needed in the story.I could almost hear her voice.As for the supernatural element,it was an original twist,a creepy and disturbing notion that I found on equal parts both repulsive and fascinating.Sadly, the whole thing felt too much like a prologue, even for a first in the series. The action reaches its peak abruptly towards the end of the book, and cuts off just as sudden. Same goes for the romance, which was way underplayed and didn't come off convincing or authentic. Some of the secondary characters (like Cassie's best friend) fall flat and monochromatic,or even just plain silly, others (the character's nemesis) cliched and ridiculous."Ooo, I am evil! See? I even have an accent to prove it!" ::rolls eyes::Anyway, the book shows promise, but doesn't capitalise on it. As I said, it made for a fun (and scary) read, but nothing more.I'll be checking out the next book, in case it does.